Newsletter Timing

For our author clients, they often request that their newsletter go out overnight so it is waiting in people’s inboxes the morning of their book’s official street date.

While we definitely support a newsletter on the day of the release, we hardly ever recommend sending emailed newsletters out overnight.

First, people tend to allocate less time to “frivolous” email first thing in the morning, addressing the important things first (usually work and such) and leaving the other emails (fun stuff) to deal with after the things they have to attend to right away — typical triaging. As the day goes on, they might only get a few emails when they check their mail vs. the 20 or more they might get first thing. When we send newsletters mid-morning they arrive in email boxes without as much competition.

Additionally, when people get their email in the morning, they are “dealing” with their email and are probably in a hurry to get on with their day. They are, essentially, working. However, when they check during the course of the day, they are taking a little break from work… Even if checking email is part of their job. Where would you rather your email be? Triaged? Or part of a self-indulgent break from that report or spreadsheet that is due.

I fully respect that authors are excited about their book release. Even authors on their 20th books get excited, and rightly so. But a few hours usually won’t make a difference in terms of sales. I think that the mood of the e-newsletter recipient in terms of where they are in their day and whether your email arrives while they are working/slogging through mail vs. taking a quick email-check break is more important than making sure that your email arrives first thing in the morning.

We need to consider not just who the audience is, but where they are in their day and how that affects their mood when they receive information or browse.

Just something to think about.

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