Billing & Office Manager

In a small team like this, everyone wears multiple hats. Where do your interests lie?

What you will be doing here:
  • Run Accounts Receivables & Accounts Payables.
  • Design and implement office standards and procedures. Measure results and make necessary adjustment. (Crack a gentle whip from time to time.)
  • Assist with some aspects of HR.
  • Maintain basic office-level IT (ordering hardware, installing software /managing software subscriptions, confirming back-ups). Coordinate any outside IT.
  • Occasionally assist the Project Managers.
  • Have the opportunity to learn and expand your responsibilities. Variety is good!
What you will NOT be doing here:
  • You will neither run payroll, nor be the sole person responsible for HR, nor be the only set of eyes on invoices before they go out. You won’t be under-supported. Turn to the person sitting next to you and actually talk through the troubleshooting.
  • Overtime. We don’t really ever do that.  We believe strongly in the quality of life, and that means at the end of the workday we leave work. Really.


Qualifications & Skills:

We presume you are incredibly organized, or this position wouldn’t appeal to you. In addition to your attention to detail and total follow-through, you should have the following down cold:
  • Intuit / Quickbooks
  • Google Docs, Word, Excel spreadsheets, gmail, browsers, the Mac environment… the usual Admin and Billing suspects.
  • Project management / time tracking apps
Not necessary, but a big plus:
  • Experience writing blog posts, white papers, short newsletters, or the like.
  • WordPress, social networks, wiki… Anything else? Surprise us!



  • Billing, bookkeeping, and operations are your main responsibilities. The expectation is that you will manage it all in timely, attentive fashion.
  • HR: some of this will fall to you.
  • Project Management: this will be a small, but vital part of your job — to assist the project managers with the billing/admin aspect of client projects. Opportunity to expand further into Project Management is definitely available.
  • Extra Opportunities: Want to expand your skill set into WordPress & Content Management? There is plenty of opportunity to update our own woefully neglected websites (Cobbler’s kids and all). Would you also like to work on famous author sites? Get into eBook self-publishing? Project Management, Marketing, IT, Front-End Development, Backend Engineering, and/or pretty much any other aspect of this company that you may be interested in? As long as you are keeping the studio humming, go for it!


Your Application:

Introduce yourself

Please introduce yourself as a potential fit to this unique team in a cover letter. Tell us something about this job post that resonated with you, and why. Please don’t waste our time or yours with a canned letter, thanks.

Also provide your resume that lists your experience and accurately describes your skills, being clear and honest where you are proficient vs. barely knowledgeable. A mere LinkedIn profile URL is not enough.

Go ahead, show off
  1. Cite your relevant experience. Which of your former positions supports you for this job?
  2. Talk about your skills and ideas. What are some of your favorite ways to organize and stay organized?
  3. Provide links to any blog posts and/or white papers you are particularly proud of that you have written.
Send it off

Please put I WANT TO BE YOUR NEW OFFICE MANAGER in your email subject line, and make sure that any attachments have your name in the file name (imagine how many files we get named “resume.pdf”).

All applications should be sent to
No phone calls, please.
And absolutely no recruiters.


  • This is a staff position for a W-2 employee. This is NOT for contract/freelance.
  • We are looking for part-time though full-time will be considered. Please indicate your preference. In the past, part-time employees have grown their own jobs into full-time.
  • This position is in-house only. Thanks to all work-from-homers (and the work-from-halfway-around-the-globe-types), but the nature of this job requires your physical presence. You must be able to work primarily from our Oakland studio. Occasionally working from home may be feasible — we can talk about it.
  • Where you start depends upon your incoming skill set and experience. How quickly you rise up depends upon performance. Please include your annual earning requirements with your application. (← This is important. Without this, your application is incomplete.)


More info about Waxcreative:
the studio, this team, our company culture…

If you are the type to really read up on a company before applying, we’ve listed more info for you here. Want additional info? We’ve written more about being on this unique team.


  • Expertly execute, follow, and develop internal and client strategy.
  • Follow established internal standards. All our projects need to have very similar syntax and structure.
  • Carry a critical understanding of digital tools and trends, and be confident and articulate in suggesting ways such trends can be practically applied.
  • Communicate effectively: visual, verbal, and the written word. This includes parsing out directives from lengthy documents like this one.
  • Show a fierce sense of ownership about the quality of the work you call Done.



  • VARIETY: From site design, development, and maintenance, to book cover design and assorted print work — also product support, copywriting, social networking strategies, quality assurance, usability concerns, and just generally being in code warrior mode — there really just isn’t room to get bored.
  • BENEFITS: We believe everyone needs time for the business of life. For us, full-time means ~4.5 day weeks. Also paid holiday/sick/vacation days; a 401K; commuter checks; health insurance… the usual suspects.
  • EDUCATION: Conferences when logistics permit, online tutorials, challenges from your creative director to “find an elegant solution”… while we expect you will keep your skills honed, Wax will supplement your ongoing training.
  • FLEXIBILITY: Wax believes in living your life rather than forcing it around work, and thus offers scheduling flexibility and liberal unpaid leave time as deadlines permit.
  • ENVIRONMENT: Our studio environment is open (no cubicles), and it’s Office Casual every day. When weather permits, the door is open to the outside.
  • TREATS: Our snack cupboard is stocked and coffee’s brewing… And we bring in lunch on team birthdays!


  • We are a small but fast-paced, woman-owned enterprise with eight workstations (and two adorable studio cats, so please don’t be allergic).
  • We are located in Lower Rockridge bordering Temescal in North Oakland. Parking is easy and BART is easier—a ten minute-walk from the Rockridge station and a mere mile from Macarthur.
  • We are walking distance to Bakesale Betty, Trader Joe’s, Market Hall, and lots of other yummy lunch spots!
  • Our work space is surrounded by a yard and garden.
  • We have client relationships going back 15+ years, and rarely go more than a week without a request for proposal. We have never needed to market outside of our oft-neglected, cobbler’s-kids website. No one at Wax has ever had to go out and drum up work.



Ideally we’d like you to start immediately, but finding the right fit is more important than filling a workstation with a warm body. Please don’t presume that the position is gone if the posting is a several weeks old. We will be accepting applications until we find our perfect match — we do not anticipate that it will happen overnight.

Interested? Great!

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