We Love Bookmarks: Reason #2

Reason #2… this one is is more of a plea for all readers: Please don’t hurt your book!

Remember the preschool adage: “Books are our friends”? Well, that’s still true, even now that we are all grown up. Be nice to your book. A bookmark can help.

My daughter's favorite bookmark. She also has one that is penguin-themed.

A bookmark is always better than folding the corner of the page. Don’t hurt the page.

A book that is left on the side table open, face down is suffering a strained spine. If this is a book you don’t care about then big deal, right? But why are you wasting your time on a book you don’t care about? I think you care. Please treat it nicely — it’s giving you so much pleasure.

And if you take the above points and group them under a Good Parenting umbrella, you can instill a feeling of respect for books (and by extension: reading). And if teaching kids to be nice to books in turn fosters respect for books… well, there’s only good in that.

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And yes, we design bookmarks, too. 🙂