We Love Bookmarks: Reason #3


For the writer: They’re cheaply printed and easily changeable.

I love when we can take a backside to a bookmark and add to an author’s growing backlist. We highlight your new book on the front and then merely work on an existing design for the back.

And of course, with a fantastic front, usually simple color changes are all it takes to accommodate a new cover and achieve a fresh look.

When good design is applied in this respect, a bookmark series is born! Fantastic for loyal fans as keepsakes, and oh-so-good looking at booksignings.


Also check out Reason #2:

This one is is more of a plea for all readers: Please don’t hurt your book!Remember the preschool adage: “Books are our friends”? Well, that’s still true, even now that we are all grown up. Be nice to your book. A bookmark can help.

A bookmark is always better than folding the corner of the page. Don’t hurt the page.

And Reason #1!