Awesome and Interesting

My dad, whom I think is both awesome and interesting, has visited over 80 schools this year, bringing his Cheesie Mack presentation to thousands of kids. I’ve talked about him a bunch on this blog — his name is Steve Cotler. And yesterday his Facebook update read:

Sandwiched between four presentations, I had working lunch with a dozen fifth-grade, future authors at Bach Elementary. We spoke about avoiding clichés and discussed why adjectives like “awesome” and “interesting” are neither awesome nor interesting.

I am going to respectfully differ with him on this: I think awesome and interesting are awesomely appropriate adjectives to describe how interesting a character like Cheesie Mack is. Cheesie is inquisitive without being a sap, honorable without being unbelievable, loyal, smart, determined, funny and —yes— interesting. He’s an excellent character for any kid to emulate which, as a parent, I appreciate. And his narrative contains both varied sentence structure and layered plots which—as an adult stranded in the the world of Magic Treehouse, Little House, and American Girl—I think is awesome.

To see an example of how awesome my dad’s interesting school visits are, merely click play below. To see how awesomely interesting the Cheesie Mack experience is, I invite you to find out a bit more about what makes Cheesie so perfectly written for today’s kids, then head over to Cheesie’s site (he has his own), and read an excerpt and see how the reading experience is interestingly extended. Awesome.

To find out more about all the prestigious awards and accolades Cheesie has garnered you will have to wait. My dad is awesome about so many things, but delivering content to his web-designing daughter is not one of them. So alas, there is no spot on his website for such stuff (yet), but he does announce it on Facebook.