A Rather Special Book

A Rather Special Book

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Julia Quinn

The Challenge:

Strategically position a new book that does not fit into any existing site template or previously established strategy.

The Background:

Julia Quinn’s Bridgerton series has a seriously huge following, and this book was specifically for people who had already read the rest of the series.

Fans were excited. With the Happily Ever After collection containing short stories that take place after “The End”, we wanted to engage readers with something to do — something fun — that was driven by that strong character loyalty.

But fans were also full of questions as to how to purchase, and what they’d be getting, and how it might conflict with previous purchases. It was to be a complex release (featuring a second, limited edition to run for a very limited time), and in trade paperback, which Julia had never done before.

Our Solution:

An interactive family tree (like you’ve never seen before), and a overhauled, robust FAQ system (like you’ve never seen before).

The Bridgerton Family Tree knocked it out of the park. Tying the whole series together, it is full of new information the likes of which fans eat up. And we built it using parallax code, so clicking around it was FUN. We could describe it further, but we really think you’d enjoy the experience of it. Be sure to click around to find out what happens Happily Ever After.

A big feature like this has staying power. While the traffic and sharing understandably spiked with the book’s release, it has staying power.

As for the FAQ structure itself, the Waxcreative-designed FAQ pages quickly shot to be one of the most trafficked areas of Julia’s site, after only the home page, and depending upon timing, shared the number two spot, the newest book page, or coming soon. But it was the ease-of-use that gilded this lily.

The FAQ CMS provided Julia with an easy-to-use backend interface to get information online, and URL positioning that makes sharing super easy for her (which she took advantage of several times during the months before and after the book’s release). And its easy-to-use front-end UI kept visitors going round and round that rabbit hole.


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