Wax Comes Through for Covers

Wax Comes Through for Covers

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CASE STUDY Book Cover Design

The Challenge:

To design covers for Grace Burrowes to match the existing cover style so that readers saw the clear connection of the series, but without violating the publisher’s copyright. The last three books in Grace’s Lonely Lords series were self-published. Books three through nine had established a consistent cover style, and the final three needed to follow closely, but not too closely. How fine is that line?

Our Solution:

CASE STUDY Book Cover Design

The (not so Challenging) Challenge:

To create new products built within an existing branding.

The Twist: “I am so sorry, but I need it tomorrow.”

As a full service web and graphic design studio, Wax can come through quickly with designs that fit your brand—because consistency in your name logo and title treatment is key to professional results.



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