Here’s Why We’re Awesome

Ten Things to Know About Waxcreative:

With a gazillion web designer options to be found in any internet search, making your choice is daunting. We get that. We’ll make it easy to put us at the top of your short list with a list of our own:

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    Our visual work is par excellence. Our approaches fit our clients’ brands and message goals — author site design does not compete with book covers. We stay away from gimmicky, cool-for-the-sake-of-cool visual trends — we’re sparing with our drop shadows, fierce about consistency, and giddy over fonts. It’s only “cool” if it furthers your goals, and can outlast the fashion du jour.
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    The code we create is sublime. It’s clean. And it works not just across browsers and viewports… it works for your needs. Sure, over the years your wax-created code will need tuning, but that is the nature of any industry moving at this speed. We’re solving new design challenges every day with all kinds of innovative thinking…
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    Every step of Waxcreative’s process is carefully thought out and executed. From the initial development through design, launch and beyond — we never stop caring. Working with our clients one-on-one, we identify strengths as well as areas that are better left out of the limelight. We know the specific needs authors face, but we still ask a lot of questions. We never think small. We do, however, think long-term. And it shows.
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    Our custom CMS is so innovative and so game-changing that sometimes we can’t even describe it without actually showing you. This is not a creatively assembled set of plug-ins we slapped our name on and called “fresh.” We’ve spent years paying attention to how clients use their sites month after month, book after book, and alongside industry changes. We call it CX: The Client Experience — and we created tools that take it all into account. This is the CMS for that all-important audience of one: the Person whose Name is on the Masthead. Now, that’s fresh.
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    Relationship, Part 1: One of the scariest emails to get is the one where your web person lets you know they’ve packed up shop. Or worse, they simply disappear. Barring California falling into the Pacific, Wax is here. Our internal wiki has a complete dossier on your project, a veritable how-to. So, even when our designers move on (as designers will do), transition is smooth.
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    Relationship, Part 2: We are always learning about you. Because we’ve been doing this for so long, we’ve had the opportunity to observe and respond to trends. We watch not just what your audience expects (that’s what all designers do), we’ve been watching you. Because of our unique position as a both a development and a maintenance studio we see trends over years… from book to book, year to year. And since we’ve been doing this for dozens of regularly publishing authors for over 15 years, our cross-client knowledge base is vast.
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    This is a unique team in many ways. Incredibly talented? Sure. Whipsmart clever? You bet. But more important is the impressive level of dedication our team shows for their work. We like each other, we like what we do, and we think that liking our jobs is a pretty important part of life. Looking for a job? We’re always open to meeting potential superstars.
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    We care for our pre-mobile legacy sites. We know that successful sites continue to grow and change. We wouldn’t have been able to have maintained such happy client relationships for so long if we built sites that needed to be torn down with every new wave of technology. So, even when your once cutting edge code goes seemingly obsolete, your site will still work. Our strength in strategy and innovative implementation guarantees success at launch and over time. Many can see the here and now. Wax goes beyond, making the future a very bright place indeed.
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    Your brand is more than just a website. We are a full-service studio and will expand your design to your newsletter, social networks, print work, even book covers for your self publishing endeavors—whatever you want, we can make look and feel like you.
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    What you can see on our website now, as a prospective client, isn’t the half of it. We have a huge resource section for our clients, filled with information on web strategy, book promotion, and working with Waxcreative Design.
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    Actually, this one goes to eleven… Or rather it would, if it made sense to do so. We won’t waste your time with extra stuff just because we can. If it doesn’t make sense to build it in, we’re not going to allocate your resources in that direction. We’re no-nonsense and respectful on your dime.

We’re all this and more. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!