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WAXCREATIVE IS a highly-collaborative design team based in Oakland, California specializing in highly-customized, incredibly efficient websites for authors. Our niche is Romance authors – the hottest selling segment of the book industry, and among our clients are some of the top-selling Romance authors in the world.

We Know The Book Business

We believe in lasting relationships. Your website is an investment and we are here for your career. We have clients who have depended upon Waxcreative for over ten years — in some cases, almost twenty. (If you'll indulge a bit of boasting, they kind of love us a lot! #happyclient)

The code we write is top-notch and cutting edge. The CMS we’ve created works seamlessly in the ways authors need (and often don’t even know they need). But it doesn’t end there: we consult on strategy, optimize copy, design book covers, create stunning images to share, and so much more.

At a children’s lit fest, a man stood up in the audience and said that my website was one of the best author websites he had ever seen – full of great content and design. After hearing me speak, he thought it captured my personality perfectly!

I don’t often thank you enough for making me look good. But thank you. You always make me – and more importantly – the books look good.

Michael Spradlin
with Wax since 2007

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Autographed by the Author
Autographed by the Author

The best Autographed by the Author stickers, get ’em in three sizes.

Web Redesign 2.0
Web Redesign 2.0: Workflow That Works

Web ReDesign 2.0: Workflow That Works, co-authored by Wax founder, Emily Cotler.

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