Wax Wants to Help! Author Assistant Services

Wax wants to help!

Let Wax do the work so you can write more!

We offer a full suite of Virtual Assistant services for authors. What does that look like? Well… what do you need?

  • Updating your website for you
  • Sweeping for new editions, for example, audio or international
  • Responding to reader emails and inquiries (as “Your Team”)
  • Managing contests and prizes
  • Coordinating events and promotions
  • Social media management
  • Working with reader teams
  • Marketing support and assistance
  • Managing/updating Wikipedia, Goodreads and Amazon author pages

P.S. Simply request a proposal. Let's chat!


Not only did they make me a wonderfully fantastic website, they are also generous and brilliant in everything they do! Every time I go into my site to make a new page, I sigh happily with how easy it is. Thank you!

Carrie Ann Ryan
working with Waxcreative since 2016