Wax Wants to Help! Extra Assistance for Our Authors

Wax wants to help!

If you want, once we launch your site, you can let Wax do the work so you can write more!

We offer a full suite of Virtual Assistant services for our authors. What does that look like? Well… WHAT DO YOU NEED?

  • Updating your website for you
  • Sweeping vendor sites for new editions (e.g. audio or international), and keeping up with buy links
  • Responding to reader emails and inquiries (as “Your Team”)
  • Managing contests and prizes
  • Ghostwriting your newsletter and/or home page posts
  • Creating impactful social media graphics
  • Working with reader teams
  • Marketing support and assistance
  • Managing/updating Wikipedia, Goodreads, and Amazon author pages

Who’s on your team? We are.

P.S. Simply request a proposal. Let's chat! Contact Us


I have been with Waxcreative Design since before my very first book came out. Four sites (three of my own, and Tule, too!) and over 100 promo projects later, I can’t say enough about how great they are to work with.

Jane Porter
working with Waxcreative since 2000