Dear Author,
We were made for each other.
Love, Wax

p.s. No need to get on bended knee, simply request a proposal. Let’s start talking about what you want; we’ll help you figure out what you need.

Fan-focused, guilty-pleasure author sites have specific needs with regards to book-related data and strategies to engage all readers, whether hardcore fans or new-to-you potentials. The challenge: how to connect and maintain without giving up half your life in the process.

We’ve created a unique and powerful online toolkit that has changed the author site. Anyone can customize a WordPress template, but this is not a set of plug-ins just anyone can download. This is Wax. Lots of developers refer to UX (the User Experience). Our CMS also addresses CX: The Client Experience. YOU. It’s your name on the masthead, and this toolkit was built with you in mind.

Wax’s Author-Centric CMS… because CX matters

ORDER LINKS: By and large, author sites are not stores — you are promoting a brand, an overall experience. But we understand that a primary goal is to sell books. And once upon a time you linked to Amazon, maybe also B&N, one or two spots, and that was that.

Fast-forward to multiple formats, reissues, box sets, sales, affiliate tags, a parade of stores… But even in WordPress, it’s still a hard-coded endeavor to update order links across a site. Add a store and you have to hit all pages, multiple spots, text links, button links… Each instance needs styling—it can take a loooong time. Even if thoroughly checked, the opportunity for error is considerable. And then as your upcoming frontlist title comes on board… what a hassle to trickle the information to your web team as you get it. Or worse, if you are doing it yourself, such a drain on your time to keep hitting all the places where you have order links.

Our custom CMS resolves all these challenges. Time, cost, ease… Check, check, check.

BOOK PAGES & LISTS: It’s not just order links authors are drowning in. Other data driving your books is considerable. Novel or novella? Part of a series? Your purchasing audience wants to know the reading order. They often don’t remember title, just character name, and what about your value-adds, in place to direct an engaging Rabbit Hole? (We’re going to advise you to include something like this — more than just social media.)

And then there are things your publisher thinks are important, like listing ISBNs, mentioning reviews, calling out a special pre-order incentive, or the third rail of author web pages: the dreaded booklists, an updating black hole.

Managing this all either costs you a lot of time (or you just don’t do it), or a lot of money (or you elect not to have your web team do it). And it’s needed for every book (or you decide your career can thrive without the fan-focused Rabbit Hole-esque content). Plus, if you are redesigning, the time involved in populating a couple of dozen backlist pages starts to look cost-prohibitive (and that static, non-responsive site you’ve had for years starts looking better and better).

Our custom CMS goes beyond tackling this bad boy. Our revolutionary approach means managing book-related and book-specific data is now a whole different —and much easier— ball game.

FAN-BASED FAQ: Social media killed the FAQ. This is such a sad outcome for such a perfectly positioned structure with which to impart information to your audience (whether the question was asked, or you simply want people to know). As a result, Frequently Asked Questions are a frequently missed sales and social media opportunity. Without a easy-to-use FAQ (easy for both UX & CX), it’s neither easy to share-and-hyperlink back to your site (where the “buy now” buttons reside), nor useful in Rabbit Hole encouragement.

No longer.

Our FAQ it makes it easy for clients to create and share Q&A-structured information on their sites and social media platforms, but so do some of the more robust plug-ins available (though ours is a far easier CX). However, the FAQ part of Waxcreative’s CMS goes beyond create & share. We embrace categorization. We encourage exploration. The Rabbit Hole this baby opened up is impressive. But don’t take our word for it —  Google Analytics returned numbers on this confirming that our FAQ CMS is GOOD 4 ROI.

Wanna see examples? You bet. We’re not shrinking violets when it comes to showing off. Check out these single post, shareable FAQ (Julia Quinn, Sylvia Day, Megan Crane for examples), which all live on full pages of skim-all-the-questions-in-a-list like so (Eloisa James, Melissa Schroeder, Maya Banks). And we have more examples, including ways in which our clients are leveraging this easily-generated content in creative and effective ways. Contact us and ask us what we can do for your outreach efforts!

MUCH MORE: Did we mention our gorgeous graphics? Book covers and social images in addition to your site design? Did we mention our responsive, scalable, series-based family trees that YOU update? How about easy-as-pie event calendars and media kits? Home page news that doubles as a second way to land in readers’ inboxes? Yep, we do all that, too. In spades.

All this can be yours. What are you waiting for? Let’s get started!