More about the Wax Team

More about the Wax Team

Talent. Most web development positions are in-house and focused on one very specific thing, within one brand, with the skill set required and developed from it very specialized. For some folks, that’s exactly the right kind of way to spend the workday and further a career.

Approach. Waxcreative is different. Designers and developers here have variety. Because we work on so many sites within the same industry, the opportunity for cross-application of knowledge is fantastic. Big sites, small sites, sites with radically different traffic stats and patterns, and a whole load of supporting materials. We work with varying requirements of content management. And as every project has to be able to be worked on by anyone on the team, the code we create is clean, consistent, and conforming to a team standard.

Consistency. We don’t just launch and turn over; we get to stay with our work and continue to develop and hone it. The feeling of being part of something bigger is inherent in every project. We have dozens of clients who depend upon us to build anew, refresh and update, come up with solutions, and keep their sites humming. We are, essentially, in-house for dozens of authors. The consistency of the Wax team’s level of communication, whether in the moment, in written documentation, or in the syntax of our code is essential, and makes working together a real pleasure.

A Culture of Teamwork. While the work is ever-changing and vibrant, it’s the company culture at Waxcreative that makes our team thrive. No one ever feels overworked or under-supported. We are in constant collaboration, working together on new ways to solve all kinds of challenges (most of which happily require on-going education and team input). We like each other. We rather think that liking what you do and who you work with is key.

Feeling good about what we do. If you work at Wax your efforts are appreciated, your ideas welcomed and supported, and your input valued. Your team depends upon you and you trust your team. You are not just a warm body at a workstation.

Being on This Team. It’s not an easy job — the expectations are high. But if you feel proud of the work you produce, if you like a small studio environment where everyone on the team matters, and if you’d rather eat bad sushi than take a site with known browser issues live, we think you just might be one of us.

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