Do you maintain the sites you design?

You bet! Though, well, only if you want. Not that we’d want to sound flip-floppish, but the answer here is both yes and no. Yes, we will maintain every website we design and build (doing so allows us to ensure the quality of the design over time), and for some clients, not having to learn a thing about how to access and update the page content is exactly perfect.

But some clients want to maintain all or parts of their own sites—and that’s okay, too. We love WordPress for this kind of thing, and have built our own fabulous author-centric theme which includes some fantastic custom post types geared toward specific parts of an author website.

Which parts? That was easy to determine. We’ve been doing this for many years and simply paid attention to the places where clients made the most updates, or wanted to make the most timely or last minute updates, such as an events calendar or home page items. And now what we’ve done to streamline ordering links? It’s really all fantastic…

So yes, we’ll maintain your site to whatever degree you want us to. What you want to do yourself is yours; we’re always here for back up.

The best of both worlds, yes?

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