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Please recall that most newsletters require a double opt-in to complete the registration process, which means you will be sent an email to confirm your subscription. Check in your spam and junk folders for that confirmation email if you don’t see it in your inbox.

Here are a few ways on several platforms that explain how to keep wanted emails out of your spam folders.



Hover over the sender email address at the top of the email and select “Add to Contacts”. Alternatively, you can set up a filter to never send to spam emails that come from me. Here are some very detailed instructions on how to set up this type of a filter on Gmail.

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook desktop program:

While in a message from me, click the “Junk” button in the Delete section on the ribbon and select “Never Block Sender.” (,

You can completely override the spam filter with the “Safe Senders” list. To do so, click the gear menu at the top right corner of the website and then click “Options.” Click the “Safe Senders” option under Junk Email and add my newsletter email address to the list there.

Yahoo! Mail

Yahoo! Mail:

Open a message from me, click the sender email address at the top of the email, mouse over the “…” menu at the bottom of the popup, and click “Add to contacts.” Enter whatever information you want for the contact and click “Save.”

Mac Mail

Mac Mail:

Add any sender you want to protect from spam filtering to the Contacts application on your Mac. You can do that easily from an existing email by highlighting the sender’s name or email address at the top of the email by moving your cursor over it, selecting the arrow that appears at the end of the highlighted name or email address, then selecting “Add to Contacts” from the drop-down menu to open the information in the Contacts application. Enter any additional information for the contact and select “Done.”

If all this fails, please resubscribe and start over. Sometimes that kind of drastic measure sets things straight.

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