What is your client resources section/pages?

OUR VIP ROOM: everything you need to know about how to build and maintain the best site possible. This subsite is packed with content, easy to use, and incredibly browsable. You’ll find a wide range of articles covering topics from marketing strategy (for example: the changing role of newsletters, making contests work for you, conquering social networking), how to master the software that powers your site, as well as references about working with Wax: billing, hosting, how to send in content, whom to contact for what, etc, etc. Client Resources will help you make the best choices on your own without having to ask for help—although we are always available to find the info for you, or simply engage in a conversation.

If you are a potential client, and understanding the level of support that exists under the hood is important to you, please ask about Client Resources when you request a proposal.

Although the Client Resources section is aimed at our author clients, most of it is helpful for our other clients as well.

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