Evergreen Content

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Evergreen content has nothing to do with fir trees, nor with the color of the text it’s printed in. Instead, evergreen content represents the content on your site that will always be relevant to your audience, compared to topics that may change over time.

After you write content, reread it as if it’s two years on. Spots that need attention will make themselves known. Try very hard not to refer to your “New Series” except in news.

Your bio should definitely be evergreen. You shouldn’t use the word “will” as in you “will be releasing a book in the fall.” You will never remember to update that.

Your news is dated, however, and by definition not evergreen. But your Book Extras need to last long after the book is new.

The exception to this rule is FAQ. Sometimes it’s necessary to be timely with it, especially when describing a much-loved secondary character and when is she going to get her own HEA? If you write an FAQ or any other non-evergreen content, determine when it will need to be updated or checked on, and make yourself a calendar reminder — or send us the URL and pass the buck. We’re happy to assist.