UI, UX, and CX

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User Interface (UI) (Industry Term): This is a broadly used term that encompasses all human-machine interactions. We in web design will use it to refer to what visitors (fans, readers, and customers) to a site see, and how they interact with the navigation, content, calls to action. If the site is easy to use and intuitive, then the UI is good. If it’s good content, but hideous visual, then the UX is jarring because the bad is getting in the way of the good.

User Experience (UX) (Industry Term): “A person’s behaviors, attitudes, and emotions about using a particular product, system or service.” Pretty broad.

Client Experience (CX) (Wax Term): This is how we refer to the ways in which our clients interact with their own site, with access to the back end of the site, content management tools, and other specialized functions that only the person who owns the site enjoys.