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Careers at Wax

WE ARE LUCKY. Our specialized client base has allowed us incredible opportunity to develop and hone nimble systems that work not just for launch, but over time. Seamless and elegant solutions—visual, CMS, full-stack—within a specific niche: authors. We get the best of two worlds: web development and the book business. Work is never dull.

If you:

  1. Thrive on working in a team-based, collaborative environment,
  2. Strive to keep learning and developing instead of just applying what you already know, and
  3. Want to escape the corporate, in-house, highly-specialized workday, you will love working here.

About Waxcreative

The studio, this team, our company culture… If you are the type to really read up on a company before applying, we’ve listed info for you here.

  • We are a small but fast-paced, woman-owned enterprise with several workstations (and adorable studio cats).
  • Our Oakland studio is located in Lower Rockridge bordering Temescal in North Oakland. Parking is easy and BART is easier—less than 10 minutes walk from the Rockridge station and a mere mile from Macarthur.



  • Expertly execute, follow, and develop internal and client strategy.
  • Follow established internal standards. All our projects need to have very similar syntax and structure.
  • Carry a critical understanding of digital tools and trends, and be confident and articulate in suggesting ways such trends can be practically applied.
  • Communicate effectively: visual, verbal, and the written word. This includes parsing out directives from lengthy documents like this one.
  • Show a fierce sense of ownership about the quality of the work you call Done. (You might be surprised as to how many folks don’t take the time to check their work.)



  • VARIETY: From site design, development, and maintenance, to book cover design and assorted print work — also product support, copywriting, social networking strategies, quality assurance, usability concerns, and just generally being in code warrior mode — there really just isn’t room to get bored.
  • BENEFITS: We believe everyone needs time for the business of life. For us, full-time means ~4.5 day weeks. Also paid holiday/sick/vacation days; a 401K; commuter checks; health insurance… the usual suspects.
  • EDUCATION: Conferences when logistics permit, online tutorials, challenges from your creative director to “find an elegant solution”… while we expect you will keep your skills honed, Wax will supplement your ongoing training.
  • FLEXIBILITY: Wax believes in living your life rather than forcing it around work, and thus offers scheduling flexibility and liberal unpaid leave time as deadlines permit.
  • ENVIRONMENT: Our studio environment is open (no cubicles), and it’s Office Casual every day. When weather permits, the door is open to the outside.
  • TREATS: Our snack cupboard is stocked and coffee’s brewing… And we bring in lunch on team birthdays!


Want additional info? We’ve written more about being on this unique team.

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