For Your Convenience

To pay by credit card, simply click on the “remit” button below. You will be prompted to enter a dollar amount. Please enter the dollar amount of your invoice.

PLEASE NOTE: PayPal charges a surcharge of approximately 3.7%. This surcharge will automatically be added to your amount when you check out. This will appear on your PayPal invoice labeled as a shipping charge. This cost of using PayPal is this “shipping charge”, and is additional. Therefore, if you are paying an amount of $100, your total will come out to just over $103.70

ONE MORE THING: On the “Review your Payment” screen is an “add special instructions to seller” section. Please enter your invoice number there. This is not mandatory, but it helps speed things up with processing. Thank you.

If you have more than one invoice, please pay each separately. Thanks.

If you do not have a PayPal account there is a button when you sign in that prompts you to become a PayPal member. Becoming a member is free.

Please be careful with PayPal, if you make a mistake you cannot always use your back buttons.