#happyclient: Good Words About Wax

Not only did they make me a wonderfully fantastic website, they are also generous and brilliant in everything they do! Every time I go into my site to make a new page, I sigh happily with how easy it is. Thank you!

Carrie Ann Ryan

with Wax since 2016

I love my site. I love working with you all.

Sylvia Day

with Wax since 2009

Many of my authors have depended on Waxcreative to design their websites and create their online personae, and so I am well acquainted with Emily and her talented team. With websites becoming such an important marketing tool for authors, it’s important to have a design team that understands the publishing business and knows how to liaise with industry professionals to create exceptional sites… Waxcreative brings all that to the table — or rather the screen. I highly recommend them!

Lyssa Keusch, Avon Editor

In case I haven’t made it clear, I LOVE my new upgraded site! It’s so EASY to make it look up-to-date and fresh. I love Wax.

Geri Krotow

with Wax since 2009

You cannot have a top-flight career without a top-flight web design team working for you. Waxcreative has my highest recommendations.

Eloisa James

with Wax since 2003

I personally feel that my website is a piece of art.

Eloisa James

with Wax since 2003

There is so much good stuff on my new website, including new sections about me and my writing, but also easier navigation and — O M G — the most beautiful design by the talented folks at Waxcreative!

Melissa Schroeder

with Wax since 2012

Thank you for all of the generous improvements on my beautiful website! I appreciate your excellent work and greatly admire your skills and professionalism.

Katharine Ashe

with Wax since 2016

Waxcreative is an excellent team. Waxcreative’s designs and philosophy have made my website a delight of form and function – their underlying technology is super impressive. I continue to be thrilled with the work Waxcreative does for me!

Candice Hern

with Wax since 2000

Emily is a master at creating web sites that are not only inviting and engaging but are right for each of her authors. I don’t know how she does it—but she does!

Steve Axelrod, Literary Agent

At a children’s lit fest, a man stood up in the audience and said that my website was one of the best author websites he had ever seen – full of great content and design. After hearing me speak, he thought it captured my personality perfectly!

I don’t often thank you enough for making me look good. But thank you. You always make me – and more importantly – the books look good.

Michael Spradlin

with Wax since 2007

Thank you for always being so quick and responsive to my requests. Working with you guys is such a pleasure.

Pamela Palmer

with Wax since 2007

I have been with Waxcreative Design since before my very first book came out. Four sites (three of my own, and Tule, too!) and over 100 promo projects later, I can’t say enough about how great they are to work with.

Jane Porter

with Wax since 2000

[Melissa Schroeder’s] website has got to be one of the best organized and maintained I’ve seen in a long time!

RT Book Reviews on MelissaSchroeder.net

with Wax since 2012

[Emily is] such a wonderful, creative person and I just want to say…how much I enjoy working with [her].

CJ Carmichael

with Wax since 2001

If Emily ever decides to retire, I might have to simply shut the website down, because no other webmistress could ever live up to her! Everybody at Waxcreative is so wonderful about keeping me up-to-date on things. I only wish other business I deal with regularly were anywhere near as reliable.

Susan Kay Law

with Wax since 2000

I just updated my site and am reminded how awesome your CMS is. Thanks!

Liz Maverick

with Wax since 2015

Yes, the launch was web brilliance. Waxcreative is amazing, I’m thrilled to be part of the family. I moved over twenty thousand units in [my first month self-publishing] and my website was there every step of the way…Every author needs a Wax website.

Gina Watson

with Wax since 2013

I love my site. I’d make a list of all the things I love, but it would include everything.

Jeannie Moon

with Wax since 2010

Have I told you lately that your designs continually knock my socks off?! I’m in absolute gob-smacked awe again. Stunningly beautiful work!

Lee Hyatt of Author Sound Relations

I appreciate how meticulous you are about getting it right.

Shannon McKenna

with Wax since 2014