Ordering Buttons… We’re Sharing!

Once upon a time we created a set of ordering icons. We keep adding more icons to the mix, and we post them here to share them with you!

Amazon Print, Kindle, and UK Icons:
Waxcreative's Amazon Kindle Icon Waxcreative's Amazon Print Icon Waxcreative's Amazon UK Kindle Icon Waxcreative's Amazon UK Print Icon

Barnes & Noble Print and Nook Icons:
Waxcreative's Barnes and Noble Print Icon Waxcreative's Barnes and Noble Nook Icon

Other Digital Resalers:
Waxcreative's iBooks Icon Waxcreative's IndieBound Icon Waxcreative's Books-A-Million icon Waxcreative's Smashwords Icon

Publisher Icons:
Waxcreative's Harper Collins Icon Waxcreative's Mills & Boon Icon Waxcreative's eHarlequin Icon

Goodreads and Library Thing:
Waxcreative's GoodReads Icon Waxcreative's LibraryThing Icon

A Few More:


Shockingly, online bookstores did not have buttons like these for use — not even kindle or nook. Eloisa James was the first of our authors to launch our new order structures. As soon as we started designing these for Eloisa, Julia Quinn and Stephanie Tyler said, “Me, too, please,” and several more eagerly followed suit getting their request into our queue. Unlike most design work where the copyright is held by the designer, we designed these for the public domain. Go ahead. Lift them (copy to your own server, of course, but please keep “waxcreative” in the file name.). All we ask is that you credit us somehow — on your site credits page, in the code… somewhere. Thanks.