The RWA Conference – My first time (Part Two)

About a month ago I mentioned that in my copious free time I was hoping to cull together a little video of all of our author-clients who were at RWA signing away at the Literacy Signing. Truth is, folks, my free time has not been copious! We generate quite a bit of work from our one-on-one time with our clients at RWA, and my time has therefore been spent on client projects, which is frankly how it should be, yes?

So sadly, I will not have a video to show you, but I will leave those of you still pining for that wonderful group of days in San Francisco with a little list of clients’ posts about the conference. In these posts you will find pictures, funny stories, good advice, and more.

And so, for your last look back at San Francisco, here are some good posts to check out, of you haven’t already done so:

Elizabeth Boyle wrote a great post about conference here.
Jane Porter talks about her conference and provides a link to pictures.
Hope Tarr gave us a few photos here and here, and a great post about her conference here.
Kathryn Caskie’s got a quick post here which includes a slew of great photos.
Pam Rosenthal wraps up her posts on RWA for Shy writers. More RWA from Pam here and here.
Susanna Carr has several fun posts: here, here, and also here.

Thanks, folks!

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  1. Abi, here’s another one on the conference with a slightly different take…

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