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Just over a week ago I was in New York City for Book Expo America — the biggest gathering of publishers in the world. Abi and I went last year, but I flew solo this year. One of my goals was to find Greenleaf Book Group and introduce myself.

Why Greenleaf? Waxcreative and Greenleaf don’t share any mutual authors. But Greenleaf does something that no other publisher –as far as I know– does these days:

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Greenleaf gives their authors Autographed by the Author stickers.

We tell our authors to bring a Sharpie and their stickers, sign and sticker their stock, shake some hands and kiss some babies,” says Tanya Hall, Greenleaf’s Business Development Manager, “then watch their books get face-out placement in the ‘signed by author’ section with no co-op fee!”

Tanya Hall, Business Development Manager, Greenleaf Book Group

Tanya Hall, Business Development Manager, Greenleaf Book Group

Invaluable advice. And yet, some authors really do need this explanation and urging — they simply don’t know what to do with the sticker or why it helps.

And did Greenleaf know that they are one of the only (if not The Only) publishers who actually provide a roll of stickers for each of their authors? Tanya seemed surprised.

But it’s such an inexpensive way for publishers to support their authors.”


So if you aren’t lucky enough to be with Greenleaf, you can get your stickers on your own. And get more tips for a successful signing, too!

2 thoughts on “Publisher Support

  1. KATHERYN P. says:

    Really? Publishers don’t give these to their authors? Seems like a no brainer.

    I like the sticker. I like seeing them in stores. The book looks special. I don’t know if I buy books because of it but I do notice it. So that’s something, right?

  2. Emily Cotler says:

    Katheryn, that is definitely something. Getting noticed is often almost the whole kit-and-kaboodle. All other things equal, if one book jumps out at you over others, then that is more likely to be the one picked up. Sometimes that is all that is necessary for a sale.

    Thanks for chiming in!

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