A Romance Novel for Michelle Obama

Moments ago I posted an article to The Huffington Post entitled A Romance Novel for Michelle Obama. Within three minutes it had been retweeted four times. Apparently the idea of our first family with a Harlequin in residence is a popular topic!

Two minutes later, two more tweets.

Why it’s dated yesterday I can’t figure out. But it’s up. Please comment and share!

Though the post contains great photos of the President holding a romance novel, the real star of this story is Geri Krotow. I urge everyone to head over to her blog and read her first-hand account of what happened — a dream come true for her. The photos there are bigger, too. My HuffPo post is about reading, ultimately. Geri’s is about the actual event. Thank you, Geri, for sharing, and thank you for letting me broadcast it on a world stage.

Eight tweets.

There are several articles out there right now about the romance industry maybe kinda sorta getting some hard won respect. Please share them all. But because everybody deserves a great story with a happy ending. Including new-to-the-wax-family Geri Krotow, and of course, Michelle Obama, too.

Ten tweets. Twelve tweets. Keep it up!

photo: Kristi Stephens. Inset created by Waxcreative
photos: Kristi Stephens. Inset created by Waxcreative

UPDATE: Nearly 36 hours after posting, we are up to 50 tweets and the article was moved last night from being just-another-post to being featured on the Michelle Obama Big News page. How long it will stay there, who knows. Thanks for all the support.

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15 thoughts on “A Romance Novel for Michelle Obama

  1. Fabulous job with the article, Em. Lede, hook, and I was sunk. It’s creating a buzz on Twitter. Hoping for lots of good karma for Wax and Geri and romance.

  2. I tweeted! I tweeted! In fact, I joined twitter JUST TO RETWEET THE ARTICLE. Just what I need… another time suck. My resistance to twitter was futile, I guess…

  3. This is soooo exciting!!!!!! I’m thrilled for Geri; thrilled for Romance!!!

    I hope this gets lots of attention. I’m sending it out to as many people as I can


  4. Congrats again to Geri and wonderful article for The Huff Po, Emily. In the spirit of ‘better late than never,’ I just re-tweeted it and yes, blogged on it at hopetarr.com/blog.

  5. Thanks everyone! Stef, Diane, Hope, Liz, Michelle, and everyone. Keira mentioned it in her blog, too, and I don’t even know the Dear Author ladies, but they put it there, too. It’s a heavily retweeted article on the HuffPost — woot!

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