Eloisa James and Julia Quinn, two powerhouse names in the romance industry, two authors who have long graced Waxcreative’s portfolio, and who also boast a couple of Harvard degrees between them, appeared together today in a fabulous USA Today article gracing page one of the LIFE section, with a lovely above-the-fold on the front page call out. Nice!

For years romance has been the ugly stepsister of publishing. Almost apologetically insinuating itself into the market with few literary kudos, most of which came from their editors, their readers, their fellow romance authors, and if they were lucky, their families. This despite boasting over half of the mass-market paperback market share. No respect!

Um, yeah… Not so much anymore. Please read. And if you weren’t already impressed with the concept of well-plotted and richly-characterized stories of love, desire, female empowerment, and yes, a lot of sexual tension (sounds like a pretty good read to me), then perhaps some fancy Ivy League diplomas might sell you. Take a chance on Eloisa’s latest book, or Julia Quinn’s. Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “R-E-S-P-E-C-T!

  1. Hope Tarr says:

    Fabulous article. I can’t think of two finer authors to stand as spokespersons for the genre.

  2. Emily Cotler says:

    Indeed… Though Eloisa and Julia are not the ONLY highly educated, very articulate romance authors in the industry, they do represent it very well, and I have yet to find a romance author who does not approve with pretty much everything they have said in interviews. For some other articles featuring Eloisa, visit her media kit page: http://www.eloisajames.com/mediakit/main.php For other articles featuring Julia, visit her In the News page: http://www.juliaquinn.com/about.htm#inthenews

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