Awesome Things from RWA, Orlando (Part 1)

Best Accomplishment: Upon winning her third RITA for What Happens in London, Julia Quinn was inducted into the RWA Hall of Fame! She’s only the 12th writer to snag that honor. JQ at first announced that she was the 13th author to be so honored, then corrected it to 11th, but we have finally ascertained that she is indeed the 12th. Why the counting issues? Force-unto-herself Nora Roberts has been inducted three times. But Nora in the mix or not, this Waxblog post is accompanied by significant genuflection and abundant hugs. WTG, JQ! (Photo above: JQ with her awesome editor Lyssa Keusch right after the big moment.)

Best Snark: This year RWA was meant to be in Nashville, but due to flooding it was moved to Orlando, as in Disney World. And as if that Mouse and all his Princesses were not enough, Orlando claims Universal Studios, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Sea World, and more. From the conference hotel you could get to Epcot by pink-and-white striped water taxi and there were fireworks every night. Pretty much every person I talked either arrived a few days early, kids in tow, or admitted necessarily and abashedly (as I did): “My kids have no idea where I am.

Best Fan Behavior: This was Kindle- and Nook-related. And awesome. And not yet downloaded off of my camera. Stay tuned.

7 thoughts on “Awesome Things from RWA, Orlando (Part 1)

  1. Abi Bowling says:

    Yay, JQ!! Did you hear the squealing coming from here??

    1. Abi, JQ was very glad you, Em, and others were NOT around by the time Saturday evening rolled around. Heh. She was glad you were squealing from across the country. She has a theory about this… 🙂

      1. Emily Cotler says:

        I know. I am not allowed to go anymore. She didn’t start winning until all people sharing DNA with her had left the building. I was 3000 miles away when that envelope was opened. I heard she thanked us for not being there. Heh.

  2. Julia Quinn says:

    It was hard to hear anything over my own giggling!


  3. Diane Gaston says:

    Huge congrats to Julia! And to think it was all due to her family (including her sisters) staying away!

    1. We here at the wax studio think this familial ban of JQ’s is pretty funny stuff. But if it works… don’t anger the fates!

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