“Sign my Nook, please.” (or: Awesome Things from RWA, Orlando – Part 2)

All hail this wonderful new booksigning happenstance. Please join me in a melifluous chorus of “Niiiiccccce!” in response to this new fabulous Best Fan Behavior:

Pamela Palmer signing the back of a fan's Nook at the RWA big benefit booksigning in Orlando, July 2010. (Photo: me)

“Sign my Nook, please.”

Fans didn’t just buy books to support literacy programs, I saw a quite a few people handing over their Nooks for authors to sign. The backs are easily removed, and replacements come in different colors. One reader said her plan was to hang signature-filled Nook-backs in rows on her wall.

I love it!

And what’s on my eReader? I have a Kindle app for my iPhone, and I am slowly reading Edward Rutherfurd’s massive tome, New York whenever I find myself with a few minutes without a book in hand (I still love paper!). But Max has a Nook, and I just transferred my HarperCollins eARC of Kathryn Caskie‘s The Duke’s Night of Sin to hers and plan to ensconce myself with it tomorrow afternoon. I am calling it “working” (I have the BEST job).

And in case you missed the previous post, Awesome Things, Part One lauded the incredible accomplishment of Julia Quinn hitting the RWA Hall of Fame. Let’s all take another moment to say “yea!”


photo courtesy of Barnes&Noble.com

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  1. Abi Bowling says:

    Oooh, very cool! But I have to say I also still love paper. Something about looking at a shelf filled with books make me happy.

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