Wax Works For... Debut & New Authors

Dear New Author...


Yes… authors need to have a website.

Too busy writing to even think about it right now? Wax is here to help. We’ve been side-by-side with authors at every stage of their career—from first inspiration to retirement.

But my first book isn’t even written yet.

You don’t have to be a published author to start. Plot idea still in your head? Still burning the midnight oil on that manuscript?

Wax will get your site up and running with just the essentials. You’ll showcase beautiful imagery and start BUILDING EXCITEMENT for your work to come. Get started right away growing your email contact list so that your fans can be the first in line for that BIG COVER REVEAL!

…and you’ll be ready to hit the ground running on launch day!

Wax sites grow with your career.

Wax sites have lots of goodies that can be added when you are ready, that can help you…

  • Get your book(s) into readers’ hands
  • Connect with reviewers
  • Grow a loyal following
  • Organize and showcase your series for readers
  • Engage your fans with rich extras, character profiles, FAQ, bonus content, and more
  • Build an email list

Wax is so much more than websites.

Wax helps authors with:

  • Updating their site content
  • Book launch timing and strategy
  • Managing their news and communications (write, design, whatever you need)
  • Career advice (did we mention we know the book business?)
  • Social media plans and strategy
  • Graphics and gorgeous book covers

Find out more about all Wax does for authors.

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I have been with Waxcreative Design since before my very first book came out. Four sites (three of my own, and Tule, too!) and over 100 promo projects later, I can’t say enough about how great they are to work with.

Jane Porter
working with Waxcreative since 2000