wax creates exceptional web sites and so much more

Wax websites:

  • Are easy (for you and us) to update.
  • Engage & build your readership.
  • Adapt as your career changes.
  • Present your work like nothing else can.

(check out our work, and all the goodies Wax sites have)

…but we do so much more.

Good design is seamless. When design does what it’s supposed to do, you see the message, the product, the clear path that the site owners want you to want to take. We want to create that for you.

Whether you love to do everything yourself, or feel a little lost, Wax is here to hold your hand… or not. Ask us about working with Wax!



Wax helps authors plan strategic communications that maximize book sales—from pre-order to backlist. We leverage every step in the book life cycle:  coming soon teasers, title/cover/excerpt reveals, launch and post-launch promotions, and more. You won’t miss an opportunity to get your books into readers’ hands.


Site news and newsletter communications:

  • content and timing strategy, copy writing, graphics, set up, design and deploy (as much or as little as you need)
  • help you build and maintain a clean mailing list of engaged readers
  • keep up with spam and compliance/privacy regulations


Social media:

  • Strategic posting calendars, social graphics, and implementation
  • Post writing, scheduling, and publishing
  • Reader relationship and online reputation management


…and plain ol’ good advice.


Graphic Design Services

As an author, your website is your brand. Wax visual designs translate to all your other marking to work your brand—because consistency in all your visuals is key.

  • Book Covers (that’s an important one!) design and output for vendors/printing
  • Promotional graphics
  • Social media headers and graphics
  • Share tiles
  • Swag (book marks, promotional products, and merch)
  • Banners, trade show displays, and signage


Author Assistant Services

Wax offers a full suite of “author assistant services” which means, if you need help managing your books, contests, promotions and more, we are your virtual assistant!

Read more about our Virtual Assistant services →


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I just updated my site and am reminded how awesome your CMS is. Thanks!

Liz Maverick
working with Waxcreative since 2015