We create exceptional web sites.

Good design is seamless. When design does what it's supposed to do, you see the message, the product, the clear path that the site owners want you to want to take.

But these things do not just happen. Creativity takes energy, time, and sleep. Execution takes experience, talent, and innovation. Seamless designs get that way after much revision. Beware the designer who bangs out designs. That’s not us. Here’s how we work:

We’ve Got Your Back

By and large, web designers/developers create, launch, and hand the site over. See ya! Suddenly your career now includes being a webmaster. And then when you really need your web person, where are they? Are you still a priority six months or a year or two out? At Wax, we understand that launch is just one step in the life of your site. We’re reachable and ready to work.

Every site we manage is documented in an internal wiki and a database built using our own Content Management System (CMS). Your upcoming tasks, both big and small are entered in a master calendar. We’re ready to work. How much you require from us on a regular basis is up to you.


Because we don’t just launch ’em and leave ’em, we’ve had the opportunity to become hyper-aware of how people use their own sites over time. As a result, we are uniquely qualified to design not just for your visiting audience, but for the practical application of growth and maintenance. Week after week the Wax team is creating new ways to bend code to help us solve your business challenges. The custom CMS we mention all over this site? We created it in response to you — and not just what you expressly asked for. We watched 50 of you for overarching needs and we watched you individually. How do you work? How does the industry work? How can we make it all work better and more efficiently? We identified key points, tackled them, tamed them, and continue to hone site structures to respond not just to what code can do, but what we can make code do for you.

We never think small. We do, however, think long-term. And it shows.

What Do You Need?

Your site is only part of the picture. Book covers and social network header images? Ads and other promo? Business cards, bookplates and bookmarks? We create these all the time. Strategies for increasing awareness of backlist? Yup. Assistance optimizing newsletter content and delivery? Got you covered. Autographed by the Author stickers? Yes, those are ours, too. Customized marketing materials for your brand,  presented cohesively and seamlessly. Available to both established Waxcreative clients and to those just looking for that extra somethin’-somethin’.

We do it all of this and more.

Question Everything

At Wax, it all starts with a comprehensive questionnaire that touches on every aspect of your website, and also your products, career goals, professional needs, and personal sensibilities. Figuring out where and how to say what you want to say using which tools to deliver the information… it’s all incredibly hard when it’s your own site. A lot of clients come to us thinking they need or want this or that, but some features can be overkill for client goals — far more expensive to build than is worth.

Furthermore, some tools are invisible on the surface, and therefore unknown options until we point them out. Options like our custom CMS that make maintenance easier (and therefore more cost-effective over time), and integrate better with social networking (thus helping you get your message out more effectively). We’ve seen a lot of scenarios, and we are always solving new challenges.

Yes, there is a lot to think about and no, answering these questions doesn’t qualify as quick and easy. But the information superhighway is no place to be playing in the street. Let us work out the kinks with you.


And While Books Do Make the World Go ‘Round…

…we love stepping outside our comfort zone. We regularly work with people who are not authors.

We’ve built sites for an online magazine devoted to the fantasy realm, a construction company, three photographers, a preschool, a parenting blog, a nutritionist, a yoga instructor, a wedding venue B+B, a building inspector, an academic, a surf school… What we have learned in the author world translates to other industries.

And just to keep those print chops honed, we create bookmarks, postcards, holiday greetings, birth announcements, imprinted promo products (oh, do we have pens!), and we’ve been the masterminds behind a 40-page annual report, annually. Because that’s just how we roll.