Why Wax? Wax Sites Have Lots of Goodies!

If for no other reason…
the beauty of Wax books data management system

With a Wax site you enter all the info about your book in one place, making it almost instantaneous to update anything site-wide—from cover to ordering links. Our revolutionary approach means managing book-related and book-specific data is now a whole different —and much easier— ball game.

Want more? We’ve got lots more!

The ways to engage readers and connect with your fans is almost limitless with a Wax site… and we are always developing more features. The best part? You can say “no thanks,” or add new features when you are ready.

Here are some examples of the awesomeness that Wax sites provide:

Sortable Bookshelves

Readers can sort and find books by theme, trope, genre, book type… you name it.

Bonus Content and Extras!

Delight your readers with book trailers, postcards, deleted scenes, authors notes, glossaries, favorite quotes, and more. Readers can explore them by type and you can connect them to book(s) (it’s as easy as drag-and drop).

Frequently Asked Questions

Add FAQ to your site and share them individually with your readers on social media with the click of a button. Not only does this drive readers to your site (where they find all your other books) but it is super helpful at reducing the amount of emails you have to field.


Manage your events with our handy events module, including “add to calendar” and generated maps

International Editions

Easily add your international editions and then connect them to your US books with an easy drag-and-drop. Readers can sort by country and language, and see all the ordering links for their country for digital, print and audio.

Character Profiles

Readers want to know more about your characters! Satisfy their curiosity.

Family Trees

Interactive family trees help readers enjoy your series and worlds to their fullest

Sell Books, Merch and More from your Website

Sell your books from your website integrated with Paypal, Shopify, Bookfunnel, and more


Fully integrate your audio books, vendor links and snippets


Let readers know which of your books are available in manga

Contests and Giveaways

Offer contests and freebies with newsletter subscription for your readers

MUCH MORE: Did we mention we do more than websites? Check out all our services.

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Thank you for all of the generous improvements on my beautiful website! I appreciate your excellent work and greatly admire your skills and professionalism.

Katharine Ashe
working with Waxcreative since 2016